”If it's Fenyves, then smile!”

Nagyberek Túrák
Jump on your bicycle, get into a canoe or put on your boots and discover the wonderful bird and plant life of the Big Grove in Somogy county. Tour one of the most mysterious and least known regions of Hungary. Visit the protected Whitewater Bog, which is covered by the Ramsar Convention.

The Big Grove of Somogy county is one of the most mysterious and least known regions of Hungary. Until the middle of the last century, it was a deep inlet of Lake Balaton permanently covered by water. As the region has a remarkably rich bird life, it is deservedly included in the list of Bird Habitats of International Importance. The area in the Big Grove called Whitewater Bog was declared protected in 1977. At present, it is included in the Ramsar List. The lowest areas of the 1500-ha bog is covered by water all year round, and you can see white waterlilies, yellow waterlilies, frogbits, and water violets. Rarities of moorlands such as the lathyrus pannonicus and the marsh helleborine are also present.

The watersides are lined with reeds, and the higher areas have willow and poplar groves. The ecological value of the area is increased by the rich waterbird life, which is represented by, among others, the great egret, the little egret, the night heron, the great bittern, and several migratory bird species resting here.

The region can be accessed by guided bicycle, Nordic walking, kayak and canoe tours, which start from Balatonfenyves and are organised by the local tourist office. High quality relaxation is provided for visitors by a lodge equipped with toilets and a nappy room. The Grove can be visited in guided tours only; the Whitewater Bog can be accessed in walking tours only.